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  • 2013.08.25
    "Walter's Sweater" video out now.

    - Watch:

    - About the video:

    "Rushly edited in an afternoon of total bore, I just stumbled on this vintage documentary on archive.org, looking for the keyword 'sweater'.

    I kinda liked it, and I started chopping out visually-interesting segments, trying to sync them with the then-freshly recorded, still unfinished, instrumental track.

    I immediately edited the "sports" segment underneath the noisy bridge, the epic "four portraits" one under the outro, and the "contemplative look at the picture"; one under the first verse, really liking the combination of audio and video.

    Then I basically just connected the dots with other scenes, creating a loose story about a girl and her 3 (best)friends, sobbingly looking back at simpler times.

    The "head-turning" gimmick was a last minute idea, and kinda became the central theme of the video.. her, the man in the podium, the girl in front of the school, the father.. alternated in a disorienting/nonsense silly fashion.

    The train arrives, bye bye."

    August 22nd 2013.

    Source Videos:
    "Home Economics Story, The", 1951 Iowa State Teachers' College, freely available here (in two parts):
    http://goo.gl/ACHhPX, http://goo.gl/MoLL5G.

    - The full EP:


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