Yes, I'm officially working on the ""New Album!!111"", called "St. Peter in Chains", tentatively out in spring 2015.

Check my Instagram for some pics from da studio, k bitch?

Yes, the rumour is true, I'm doing gangsta rap now.



Written, performed, recorded and produced by Nicola Serafini at Nowhere Studios. Additional arrangements by Fabio Betti, Francesco Garoia and Daniele Piovaccari.

Track#1 off the forthcoming release "Revenge Forever EP".

EP Tracklist:
01. Mirrors Are More Fun Than Television
02. Silverbelt
03. Pamplona Dorks

Stream/download the song here along with other cool shit:

  • 2014.05.22

    "Walter's Sweater"out now.

    - Watch:

    - Listen/Download:

    - Remix:

    - About the video:

    "Rushly edited in an afternoon of total bore, I just stumbled on this vintage documentary on archive.org, looking for the keyword 'sweater'.

    I kinda liked it, and I started chopping out visually-interesting segments, trying to sync them with the then-freshly recorded, still unfinished, instrumental track.

    I immediately edited the "sports" segment underneath the noisy bridge, the epic "four portraits" one under the outro, and the "contemplative look at the picture"; one under the first verse, really liking the combination of audio and video.

    Then I basically just connected the dots with other scenes, creating a loose story about a girl and her 3 (best)friends, sobbingly looking back at simpler times.

    The "head-turning" gimmick was a last minute idea, and kinda became the central theme of the video.. her, the man in the podium, the girl in front of the school, the father.. alternated in a disorienting/nonsense silly fashion.

    The train arrives, bye bye."

    August 22nd 2013.

    Source Videos:
    "Home Economics Story, The", 1951 Iowa State Teachers' College, freely available here (in two parts):
    http://goo.gl/ACHhPX, http://goo.gl/MoLL5G.

    "Pyramid 1904" / "Creators" out now.


    "Spider Eyes Spider Hands Multitracks" are now available:
    remix the album and/or listen/study (to) the fascinating architectures of Worlich's most adventurous album to date.

    Seriously, it's kind of cool if you liked the album.

    Get them.


    "Spider Eyes Spider Hands" is out:
    download MP3, download FLAC.

    WAV multitracks soon.


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